radio wonderland performance pic by blattberg


"Toe-tapping and brain-tickling, as well as authentically fresh, challenging and musical."
--Carle VP Groome, EAR

My goal is nothing less than to subvert elements of current pop culture and technology, make good music, and dance. All sources are to be equally abstracted, recontextualized--stripped of their ability to soothe and distract.  I want to show those who may be cowed by technology and media that we can manipulate the neverending flow.  Therefore the processing must be as simple as possible (given my ambitious musical goals), for the most part essentially framing, reshuffling, repeating, transposing.  The surreal touch of ordinary objects (shoes, wheel) underscores the basic, congenial nature of the transformations.  So, too, my riffs must be vernacular, and not elite.  In effect I want stories of audience members going home and messing with their own radios--or TVs--with just a volume knob and tuner.

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