Joshua Fried

"One of the most inventive performance-artist- type composers is Joshua Fried...a rock-influenced postconceptualist with a steady stream of startling ideas. "
—Schirmer Books'
American Music in the Twentieth Century

by Kyle Gann

"The lounge was doing the Limbo and nobody wanted to stop because too much of a good thing like Joshua's goodfoot Muzak is never enough."
—Craig Lee, LA Weekly

Music for Robots! (audio and video) They call him...(audio)

read Molly Sheridan's interview with Joshua Fried about music, live performance, and RADIO WONDERLAND

Machines allow the exaltation of unrepeatable moments--taken by intention or by chance. For chance methods (live radio, headphone-driven performance) I am entirely indebted to John Cage. Cage challenged us to open our ears so wide that the wild universe of all sound is heard as music. Yet I try for something far less adventurous perhaps: I take any sound and tame it, narrowing it down to match the width of our ears as they are right now. So I treat on-the-fly material as simply as I can: framing, reshuffling, repeating, transposing.